Car Accident, Should I Go Through My Insurance?

It's important to take all of the right steps after you have an accident. Just one misstep and you could be forced to deal with claims delays or paying for your repair costs all on your own. This is why anyone who has a license should know what to do after an accident before they ever have one. Collecting all of the right information is crucial when you're involved in a crash with two or more

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How do car insurance companies learn about car accidents?

(52 years ago) Car accidents happen to even the best drivers and one of the first concerns in a minor car accident is how a car accident will affect your car insurance rates. Do you opt to report the car accident or pay for the repairs out of pocket? Will a car insurance company find out about your car accident even if you don’t file a claim? There is always a concern about a higher cost of car insurance ...

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If I sell my car, is my insurance still valid?

(52 years ago) Selling your car voids your insurance policy because your policy is based on the kind of car that you drive. If you sell your car and replace it with another car, you need to know how to make the necessary updates. This update will ensure you have a valid policy in the event you are stopped by law enforcement or anyone else. Compare car insurance quotes and see how much you could save! How Car ...

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Will my auto insurance company find out about my car accident?

(52 years ago) Even if you don’t report a car accident to your car insurance company they can still find out about it a number of ways. Obtaining information on car accidents is perfectly legal for car insurance companies to use even if the company itself does not require you to report every accident. Reporting a car accident to your insurance company can increase your premiums or even cause a cancellation ...

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Can you have car insurance in two states?

(52 years ago) While it’s not common, some people do live in one state for half of the year and another for the remainder. If this is the case, you could actually be a resident in both states as opposed to just one.. It’s not typical to hold residency in two states but if you own property in one state and you work in another for more than 184 days of the year.

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Is it worth filing a claim for a dent in my door?

(52 years ago) That will depend on your car insurance company. Most dings and dents on a vehicle have minimum costs with the average being between $50 to $500. Not to mention that unless you have a different party at fault, you might be stuck with the bill. If you claim the dent on your car with your auto insurance company, you will have a claim on your driving record. While some car insurance companies have ...

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How do you test drive a car without insurance?

(52 years ago) If you go to test drive a car, the process will depend on whether you go to a standard car dealership or a private seller. Things will probably be more formal at a car dealership, but you will not necessarily be required to show proof of current car insurance at the test drive stage. If you buy a car from a traditional car dealership, they will typically require that you have some proof of ...

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What is Pay as You Go car insurance?

(52 years ago) What is the logic behind pay as you go car insurance? The majority of drivers pay for coverage if an accident or another event might occur, but will never need to file a claim.. Because the number of claims the insurance company needs to pay is lower than the number of …

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Why is my car insurance claim being investigated?

(52 years ago)

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Can I drive an uninsured car if I have insurance?

(52 years ago) Driving an uninsured car can have dangerous repercussions on your financial status. In case you get into an accident without policy coverage, you won’t have any compensation for damages caused to the vehicle. Furthermore, if you cause any damage to the third party, you will face legal suits to compensate the losses. This can have a severe financial toll. This financial impact is the primary ...

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Car Insurance for Infrequent Drivers

(52 years ago) Cars can stay parked in a garage or a driveway for months on end. If the owner of the car has other vehicles to drive or they drive certain models seasonally, they might let their car sit for weeks or months on end. No matter how long the car is sitting, as long as the vehicle is registered, it needs to be insured. The last thing you want to do is spend hundreds of dollars a month insuring a ...

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How often will car insurance companies check my driving ...

(52 years ago) Car insurance companies check your driving record periodically. What they see could help or hinder the cost of your insurance premiums. Knowing the frequency in which car insurance companies check your record and what you can do about can help you dramatically.. Even if you have less-than-flattering content on your driving record, you can still control the cost of your premiums to a degree.

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Who is covered under my car insurance policy?

(52 years ago) If you're an insured driver and have a spouse, child, roommate, or friend who might get behind the wheel of your car, you've probably asked yourself this question: Who is covered under my car insurance policy? The most important thing to remember is this about non-owner car insurance: Each car insurance policy is unique, and so when it comes to letting other people drive your car you should ...

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How does a car insurance claim work?

(52 years ago) Car Insurance Claims When the Other Driver Is At Fault. When the other driver is at-fault for the accident, you will normally want to speak to your insurance provider for guidance.. Your provider can provide you with some advice on what steps you should take regarding filing the claim, gathering documentation of the accident, and how to work with the other party’s insurance provider.

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Appeal Letter for a Car Insurance Claim

(52 years ago) Car insurance is there to protect you from unforeseen financial distress due to an accident, theft, or damage. You purchase car insurance for the purpose of protecting your interests and avoiding huge financial or legal penalties because you would have to pay out-of-pocket expenses. Filing a claim is the process by which you can get the funds owed you by the insurance company when you have an ...

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Do car insurance companies do background checks?

(52 years ago) A criminal conviction can follow you around forever. It can make your life difficult in many ways. With a criminal record, you might find it harder to get an apartment, a house, or a job. Even potential dating partners can harness the power of search engines to dig into your criminal past. Criminal convictions can also affect you when you're buying car insurance. You probably already knew that ...

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GAP Insurance Refund When Car Is Paid Off

(52 years ago) GAP insurance is a supplemental form of auto insurance coverage that’s designed for leased and financed cars; Not everyone who finances a car needs GAP insurance but anyone who owes more than the car is worth does; The purpose of GAP is to pay off a car loan or financial agreement when the financed car is totaled in a covered loss

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Does car insurance cover a fire?

(52 years ago) Fire can destroy the most expensive car in a matter of seconds. Since components under the hood cause friction that can build up temperatures, car fires are more common than you might think. A majority of cars that catch fire either on the road or in a driveway will be totaled. The owner is left scrambling to figure out how to pay off the vehicle or replace it. A basic auto insurance policy ...

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Will driving school lower my car insurance rates?

(52 years ago) Driving school or what is better known as driver’s education is a class or program that some states require drivers to participate in. These classes prepare drivers for their learner’s permit and/or driver’s license.. Many car insurance companies look favorably on customers who undergo driving school.

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How to Claim Car Insurance for Own Damage

(52 years ago) Matters related to auto insurance should not be too complicated. When another driver's negligence causes damage to a vehicle, filing a claim against that driver's auto insurance policy would be the common step to take. Civil law generally requires those who commit acts of negligence to pay for their misdeeds. Passing a vehicle on the shoulder of the road and accidentally hitting the car would ...

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Will my car insurance pay for a dented door?

(52 years ago) Car insurance coverage can generally be divided into two types: liability and first-party. Liability coverage pays for damage caused to another person's property. First-party coverage pays for loss on an insured vehicle. There are three types of first-party coverage that an auto policy can include: collision, comprehensive, and uninsured motorist. Depending on the cause of damage to a vehicle ...

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Can car insurance charge a cancellation fee?

(52 years ago) There is nothing stopping you from being able to cancel your auto insurance coverage with your current provider, but they may be able to charge you a small fee for canceling your policy. If there is a cancellation fee that is typically charged by your auto insurance provider, this amount will be listed in your policy documents. You can usually find it on the declarations page of your policy ...

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How to Buy a Totaled Car From Insurance Company

(52 years ago) If you ask the average car consumer whether or not they'd buy a totaled car, the answer would probably be no. The major perception is that totaled cars have undergone major repair work after being mangled in a crash. The average driver believes that cars that have been totaled and are not salvaged suffer more breakdowns. While many cars that have been declared total losses do require ...

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How long does car insurance take to pay out?

(52 years ago) You need to know the rules about filing a claim with an insurance company. How you file a claim will play a role in how long it takes for the company to pay out on a claim. The longer you wait, the longer it will take. You should have as much information as possible to give the insurance company what they need to conduct the investigation. Make sure you have the right insurance coverage in ...

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Will my car insurance cover engine damage?

(52 years ago) Unless you have a rider specifically added to your car insurance policy to cover engine damage, the odds are your insurance will only cover a damaged engine if the engine damage was the result of a traffic accident. In other words, your car insurance will not cover normal breakdowns and failure from wear and tear. If you want coverage against that sort of damage, you will need to purchase an ...

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Can someone else get insurance on my car?

(52 years ago) One of the most common scenarios where a person’s car is insured by someone else is when that person is a dependent of the policyholder. If you are a teenagerliving at home or a college student living in a dorm, your parents can cover your car insurance expenses. Unlike health insurance, there is no upper limitto the age of a driver who can be covered by his or her parent’s insurance. If you live with someone, that person may have access to your vehicle and vice versa. In these cases, some insurance companie…

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Car Insurance for Disabled Veterans

(52 years ago) Finding the best car insurance for disabled veterans is easy if you know where to look. Veterans who are disabled in the line of duty should be honored for their service and sacrifice. These brave service members have left their families to protect the country and accepted their responsibility with dignity and honor. Unfortunately, many service members are disabled by injury or diseases while ...

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Does retirement affect car insurance?

(52 years ago) Retirement can be a major change in life. After years on the job, you're looking forward to relaxation, a slower pace, and new adventures. Part of retirement planning includes determining future monthly expenses and the impact made by retiring from the workplace. Some monthly bills, like those for housing or mobile service, are stable and unlikely to be affected. However, other expenses ...

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Does car insurance cover rock chips?

(52 years ago) Rock chips are often caused by other vehicles on the road throwing rocks up at your car. When you see significant damage on your vehicle, you will want to get your car repaired. Whether the damage is to the windshield or the body of the car, the cost might be covered by car insurance. Much of it will depend on the types of coverage you have on your policy. Compare car insurance options and ...

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Does a personal injury claim affect car insurance?

(52 years ago) A high-speed accident can have a serious impact on the human body, even when it doesn't appear that any damage has been done. It's all about the transfer of kinetic energy and where it dissipates when you're involved in a crash. Today's modern cars are designed with structural elements that will crumple when the vehicle is in a crash. The purpose of this design is for the car to absorb most of ...

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Will my car insurance cover rat damage?

(52 years ago) Rats are sneaky creatures that can cause damage to your car when you least expect it to occur; their ability to sneak into small places and cause large amounts of damage quickly make them a nuisance. It's important to protect your vehicle from these types of losses before they occur since your provider will not cover losses that occur after the fact. Comprehensive coverage is essential to ...

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Why do car insurance companies check credit?

(52 years ago) When shopping for auto insurance, one of the concerns that some people have is whether insurance companies check credit before issuing an insurance policy. Some drivers are afraid that they may not qualify, due to past credit history. However, the likelihood of failure to be eligible for auto insurance is little, when compared to other business applications or purchases. Unlike standard ...

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What is storage insurance for a car?

(52 years ago) If you put your car in storage for extended periods of time, you’ll need to review your car insurance policy; It’s pertinent that you keep all of the mandatory coverage on your car if it’s registered while in storage; Whenever you’re storing a car with a suspended registration, you …

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Can I cancel my car insurance if I sold my car?

(52 years ago) The time to buy a new car has arrived. Buying one car often means selling a currently-owned one. The vehicle for sale may be relatively new or one boasting more than 150,000 miles. Regardless, the model is up for sale and this means certain responsibilities are required. The seller may have paid up a full year's worth of premiums, months might be remaining, but a sale to someone else is ...

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Car Insurance if Car Is Not Being Driven

(52 years ago) Insurance can be expensive, and you may want to save a little money every month on your policy if you don’t drive your car. There may be times also where you may not be driving a vehicle because you are traveling long term or have a child away at college, or another reason. However, you cannot legally cancel the coverage on your car unless you take additional steps to alert the Department of ...

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How to Sue Someone With No Car Insurance

(52 years ago) Some car accidents are minor fenders, and all parties involved may agree to walk away without filing an insurance claim. However, other accidents can cause significant vehicle or property damages and even injuries that result in expensive medical bills. Filing an insurance claim for these accidents is a veritable necessity for most drivers. Unfortunately, many drivers are not properly insured ...

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Does Auto Insurance Cover Electrical Problems?

(52 years ago) If your car breaks down, insurance may or may not cover the damages depending on the damage and the types of car insurance coverage you carry. When it comes to problems with your systems, including electric, car insurance companies will only pay for damages in certain situations. Does car insurance cover electrical faults? When it comes to your car's electric, car insurance coverage can be ...

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Does car insurance cover drunk driving accidents?

(52 years ago) If you’ve been involved in a drunk driving accident, you may be wondering if insurance will cover the damages and medical bills. The answer depends on whether you were the impaired driver and the specifics of your insurance policy. Make sure you have the coverage you need at a price you can afford. Comparing car insurance quotes has never been easier. Just enter your zip code into our free ...

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Car Insurance Cost For a Cadillac CTS

(52 years ago) Often classified as an “executive car,” the Cadillac CTS is a large luxury sedan that is expertly suited for business professionals. If you’re in the market for one of these cars, you probably have a question on your mind — how much is the car insurance cost for a Cadillac CTS? Car insurance cost for a Cadillac CTS are an average of $1,344 a year or $112/mo.

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Can I get car insurance for 6 months?

(52 years ago) While each car insurance company has its own policy terms for the effective dates of your policy, you do not necessarily have to keep insurance with that same company for the entire term. If you stop your coverage early, you just need to tell the insurer. Six months is a very popular term for auto insurance, so your policy may already be available in a 6-month interval. Find the best 6-month ...

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What car insurance discounts does Progressive offer?

(52 years ago) Progressive Insurance is one of the largest car insurance companies in the United States. Many people are familiar with Progressive Insurance due to their television advertisements, which rivals Geico in creativity and market saturation.. However, even Progressive customers may be unaware of just how much money they can save with Progressive through strategic discounts on their policies.

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When to Notify Insurance Company of a Car Accident

(52 years ago) When driving across the highways and byways, the last thing on your mind is an accident. You may enjoy traveling and seeing the sights, and you may even be a careful driver, but, once in awhile, an accident can happen. That's why it's so important to have adequate insurance coverage so that you will be prepared for the unexpected incidents in life. There are several different approaches to ...

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Does my insurance cover me driving another car?

(52 years ago) Auto insurance policies are specifically designed to provide protection for damages caused to your vehicle or by your vehicle. This coverage type is designed to cover the car itself, not necessarily the individual driving it. If you have concerns about the insurance coverage another vehicle has, speak to the vehicle's owner and make sure to discuss your coverage options with your insurance ...

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Can car insurance be suspended?

(52 years ago) You're allowed to cancel your insurance at any time and for any reason. Even though it's an option, it's not always in your best interest to terminate your plan when you don't need insurance for weeks or months. You may be able to cancel some of the coverage on your policy instead of canceling your policy altogether. In the industry, canceling coverage that's typically required by law is ...

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Can a car insurance company refuse to pay a claim?

(52 years ago) Car insurance companies can refuse to pay out claims, but the denials must have a valid reason. If your claim is denied for no reason or a reason you feel is unfair, you can appeal. You can also change car insurance companies by using a comparison tool to shop for better coverage with a different insurance carrier. Try our free tool today to see if you could save. Enter your zip code above to ...

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Can car insurance be backdated?

(52 years ago) Can car insurance be backdated? If you're pulled over by law enforcement, one of the first things the officer will ask you for is proof of insurance. Drivers who inform the officer that they aren't insured will be cited not only for the primary violation they were stopped for but also for failing to carry. Drivers who inform the officer that they aren't insured will be cited not only for the ...

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